Space Domain Awareness Course


Space Domain Awareness Course

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SDA 4-day virtual course Dates:

September 09-12, 2024, 0900-1700 CST: early enrollment discount  price $1100

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Space Domain Awareness

The Big Picture Perspective

Course Description:

This 4-day virtual course provides a big picture perspective of Space Domain Awareness (SDA) that is focused on the actionable knowledge required to predict, avoid, deter, operate through, recover from, and attribute cause to losing or degrading space capabilities and services. A major purpose for SDA is to provide decision makers with a quantifiable and timely body of evidence of behaviors attribute to specific space threats and hazards.  SDA encompasses all activities of information tasking-collectin, fusing, exploiting, quantifying and extracting--that concludes with identifying and predicting credible threats and hazards.

Included in SDA is collecting raw observations, identifying physical sttes and parameters (like orbit, attitude, size and shape) determining functional characteristics (such as active vs. passive, thrust capacity, payloads), inferring mission objectives, and predicting credible threats and hazards.

Course Objectives:

At the end of this course you will have a firm grasp of Space Domain Awarenwss and....

  • Know and apply Wpace Somain Awareness (SDA) philosophies, tools and techniques
  • Understand the value chain for SDA and what government and industry stakeholders need
  • Describe the overall purpose of space domain awareness relative to space situational awareness and space traffic management
  • Understand and apply the strategy and tactics of SDA
  • Explain the elements of the space environment and their affect on objects in space
  • Describe object motion, key events and object behavior in space
  • Describe what it means to characterize objects and identify space objects
  • Apply a space mission design process to create a system for on-orbit sensing of objects

Who Should Attend:

This course is of particular interest to space system operators, system developers, mangers and administrators.  Anyone interested in space situational awareness, space traffic management and/or space domain awareness will be exceptionlly useful to space situational awareness professionals, space domain awareness analysts and designers, especially those interested in SDA sensors, data, data flow, data fusion and data sharing. 

Course instructors...the people that wrote the book on SDA: Moriba Jah, Wiley Larson, Jim Shell, Matt Hejduk, Pam Magee and Team

Course Topics:
Module 1-Introduction to SDA
  • Application, Challenges, Implications and Definitions
  • Key Questions About Space Objects and How to Find the Answers
  • Stakeholders and Wake-up Calls
  • Space Domain Information Fusion Model
  • Strategy and Tactics for SDA
  • SDA Value Chain and Market Assessment

Module 2-Space and Space Objects

  • Space Environment and its impact on Space Objects and SDA
  • Orbit Design and Applications with the Restricted Two-Body Problem and Perturbations
  • Conjunction Assessment Risk Analysis
  • Orbit Determination Issues
  • Uncertainty, Covariance and Probability of Collision/Time of Closest Approach

Module 3-Information Needed to Conduct SDA

  • Active and Passive Sensing
  • Sensors and Measurements
  • Sensor and Measurement Constraints

Module 4-Using SDA Data and Information

  • Space Domain Information Fusion Model
  • Five Levels of Data
  • Data Processing and Catalog Update

Module 5-SDA Case Studies and Examples

  • GEOScan Mission Design
  • ArguSat Mission and System Design
  • Detailed End-to-End Case Study
  • Hands-on Exercises

Course Materials:

  • Electronic course handout
  • A copy of the new eBook, Space Domain Awareness
  • Suppporting Excel Spreadsheets

14 Thayer Road, Colorado Springs, C0 80906
Phone: 719-582-0111   Space Technology Series Website

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